Lesley Gerrell

Lesley Gerrell


E-Mail: Lesley.Gerrell@coastcharter.us

About Me

Growing up in Wakulla, I graduated from Wakulla High School as the c/o 2002 Salutatorian. I went on to graduate from FSU in 2008 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Film Studies. While in college, I also completed three semesters of immersive American Sign Language (ASL) as my second language. I chose English, specifically creative writing, because I love everything about it, and I love reading what others have written. When I'm not in school or spending time with my four nephews, I usually have my head in a book, devouring one after the other. This aspect of my personality has directly influenced my classroom and is obvious in the 1,100+ books I have acquired for my students. I am always updating my books and asking for student suggestions to ensure that I have something for everyone, no matter what their reading preferences may be.

I began working at COAST in 2007 as the bookkeeper. I continued with bookkeeping as I got my certification to become a full-time teacher, after substituting for a couple of years. After getting my Elementary Ed certification, I became the Title I Remediation teacher, which eventually led to my becoming a middle school teacher with a sprinkle of 4th and 5th grade along the way. While working in middle school, I earned my Reading Endorsement and am currently certified to teach K-8, all subjects, 5-9 math and K-12 reading. I've taught every subject in middle school but my passion continues to be Reading and Language Arts.

My teaching philosophy is very simple: Every student can learn and every student's mind can grow with the encouragement of a caring teacher. I love my job and my students and will do whatever I need to do to help them learn. I have always been a strong believer in the "Growth Mindset" method of teaching, always working to change how students think about learning. By the end of every school year, I aim to have succeeded in getting students away from, "I can't do it," and into the, "I can't do it YET," way of thinking. As we all know, learning doesn't end with a student's last day of school. If I can help them view learning as a lifelong skill, I will have helped provide them with a part of what they need to be successful beyond school.