Literacy Initiative

COAST Charter School Literacy Initiative

COAST recognizes the importance of reading and it is our belief that by providing more opportunities and resources to our students that we will empower students to be lifelong learners. Engaging students in different activities will offer students experiences that will help to encourage and develop a love of reading. COAST is connecting with families and community members to encourage reading on a more regular basis. We want reading to be a positive experience, one that will continue on with your children throughout school and their life. As students are learning to read, they are building habits that develop a strong foundation to become passionate readers. Weekly, students will participate in various activities to encouraging them to build a reading life and foster a love of reading.  We look forward to forging a partnership that will develop a community of readers.



Our Literacy Initiative is proudly called WORD.





We want to show students the importance of having daily dedicated reading time along with activities to accompany on WORD Wednesdays. Each classroom has plans to increase their reading ability. We know that we can build strong, proud readers who will be ready for any literacy challenges they may face!